American Idol Season 10 Premiere Recap

clevverTV asked: – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! The new season of American Idol premiered — with its new judges and all. How’d it do opening night? We’ve got the deets right now. Welcome back to ClevverTV. Hi everyone, I’m Dana Ward at our studio with an American Idol season premiere recap. So the general sentiment is ALL GOOD surrounding the AI changes that have been hyped up for months. Most show fans said they loved the addition of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler to the old pro Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest. In fact, I gotta ask: did you guys catch the ClevverTV news segments in the American Idol intro? We sure hope so because we are so uber excited about it! But bringing it back to the season 10 debut and its reported 26.1-million viewers, of course, there was a lot of good, bad and ugly when it came to the auditioning singers, and the standout in my mind is still that dude who sang Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA. There were a lot of younger contestants featured, prob to keep this episode fresh because the whole lowering the age limit to 15 was a major change from previous seasons. Overall, we’re giving American Idol a high five for its strong debut — are you in on this one? Let us know what you thought up the new judges, the new contestants and the new season of AI right here. And be sure to click SHARE below, so that all of your friends can weigh in on this one as well. I’m Dana Ward and as always, thanks for watching, bye!