american idol judges. do they always say the same thing?

american idol judges
Yahoo Answerer Dude! asked:

lol everytime i swear the judges say the same exact thing. agree with me?? this is what they always say:

randy: yo, ok dawg, check it out man, check it out. for me, the vocals were abit rough (crowd boo’s), but hey man, i say this alot of times, and check it out, this is a singing competition, and dude, you can sing! good work dawg (something tells me that the contestants already knew this was a singing competition. maybe the ‘singing every week’ gave it away…)

kara: stunning. absoulutely STUNNING. you stunned me with how stunning your vocals were. the melodic bridge complimented your vocal chords with the pentatonic scale the bass guitar was playing, along with the rhythm of guitar in drop d. you showed a beautiful display of artistry tonight. well done. (stunning enough? also she uses alot of musical terms she probably doesnt even know what they mean)

paula: that was very… your voice sounded beautiful… you did have a few shakey notes… you are ready to record an album… although you didnt have your best performance… for me… i loved it 1 trillion percent. well done (did she complete a full sentence there?)

(ok simon gives good feedback, its different, so its hard to imprersonate him, but try this)
simon: ok, that was… like a man getting his tie stuck in the door of a moving bus. we havent seen much improvement in you, and frankly, its this simple. you’ll be going home this week. sorree (sorry).