Do you notice these things about the three American Idol Judges (Paula Randy and Simon) that I really hate?

american idol judges
Question? Q asked:

Well, there’s one thing I notice about Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell a lot from this 7th season so far. It seems they are voting ‘no’ to some great singers simply for the pleasure of having the authority to say no. I say that because among many of the terrible singers yesterday, there were some really REALLY great singers like the girl who flew the plane, that waitress, and that boy with the afro? All these were great singers yet Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell voted no. They just like having the authority of saying ‘no’ and you could tell that by some of those auditions. Paula Abdule is a rather pointless judge because all she does is agree with whatever she’s just heard, usually with Randy Jackson. Notice how Paula’s vote is always the same as the person who’s voted before her.