Whats your opinion on American Idol judges saving Big Mike?

american idol judges
EislehcElleinad asked:

In my opinion, their complete idiots. He did terrible when singing Eleanor Rigby, and even worse when singing for his life. I can’t figure out WHY the hell they would save Big Mike if they didn’t save Didi, who was 1 million times better than him.
To sum it all up, American Idol pretty much sucks this year. I was super excited for Ellen to be a new judge but all she does now is get on my nerves. She’s funny on her show, but its just annoying when she tries to be funny on American Idol. Also, she doesn’t even know how to be a judge, all she ever says is, “I.. uh…. Well I… You know…. I uh.. yeah.”
I’m just rambling because I’m angry, but who agrees??