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American Idol 2012 – April 14, 2011 Kelly Clarkson, sing Alone In My Dreams

American Idol

January 17, 2012


joeYverolA asked: © Video content “Fremantle International” – American Idol 2011 on FOX (ch.4) – – American Idol 2012 – Kelly Clarkson, sing Alone In My Dreams – The

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American Idol Winner Sparks Smoking Debate

American Idol

January 10, 2011


AssociatedPress asked: A billboard posted along an Indonesian highway promotes cigarettes with a new American face: Kelly Clarkson. She’s inviting fans to buy tickets to her concert. The logo of her sponsor, a cigarette company, is splashed above her hea

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Why do Kelly Clarkson does not want to be associated with American Idol?

American Idol

November 16, 2010


Lets Do It Now And No One Will Know asked: American Idol was the only thing that brought Kelly fame and made her who she is right now. It seems like Kelly just want to forget about American Idol.

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American Idol

September 30, 2010


Baptized In Fire asked: Alejandro™ The Mons†er – HEY, DON’T TALK BAD ABOUT AMERICAN IDOL OR KELLY CLARKSON!

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If the winners of American Idol?

American Idol

July 23, 2010


Jesusrocks™ asked: Let’s pretend the winners of American Idol were never in the competition. Say they all came for Season 9 and they all landed in the Top 8. Who do you think would win? Kelly Clarkson,or Ruben Studdard, or Fantasia Barrino,or Carrie Un

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What happened on American Idol, the results show tonight?

American Idol

June 23, 2010


Jennifer B asked: What happened on American Idol, the results show tonight?? I had to leave to go to the air port right after Kanye’s performance, Who was the 2nd person voted to go home and what else happened? Was Kelly Clarkson’s perfomance good?

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