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The Other Friday. Music. Episode 1. Aerosmith and Steven Tyler

American Idol

July 31, 2012

49 …the other friday….. …Steven Tyler of Aerosmith called it quits for American Idol… after 2 successful seasons. …And while Aerosmith gained a new Generation of fans there… on the other hand…

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Don’t you think the judges on American idol are so patronizing?

American Idol

December 19, 2010


ღ미숙 asked: With their ‘sarcasm’ you can see right through it

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american idol?

American Idol

March 3, 2010


keeky.c asked: Hi. Does anyone know of anywhere on the web that i can watch the finale of american idol? I followed it all the way through then went away for the weekend of the finale and my recorder broke down! i live in the uk and there are no repeats sniff

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