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American Idol?

american idol competition
YO! asked:

Okay, people, I have a question for you, is it not stupid that people “HATE” Sanjaya? I mean seriously, I hope he wins. There are all these idiots, voting for guys like Blake, (who really can’t sing, to be honest) and then say Sanjaya is terrible. I heard from my local news channel that one girl vowed to stop eating until Sanjaya was voted off, and went without food for 16 days. These people voting are stupid, I mean really, think about it. And I can’t beleive that some people will actually pay to vote. How can you say Sanjaya is bad, and have this whole thing on about him, when you’ve got people like Taylor that one last year? That was the biggest joke ever. Chris Richardson is a TERRIBLE singer and noone says anything. Sanjaya isn’t very good, but there are worst singers in the competition. American Idol is just dumb. The best singers in this so-called “singing” competition are Lakisha and Melinda. And last year, the contestant with the best vocal was Mandisa. To win American Idol, all you have to do is get Randy and Paula to like you, and have a personality that most people will like. You don’t need a great voice like Lakisha. Since people have really only given out about Sanjaya, which I thought was stupid when you have people like Blake in the competition, I hope Sanjaya wins.
I don’t hope Sanjaya wins because of his vocals (he really isn’t too good) or because of his looks our anything. I hope he wins because there’s a big thing about him going on and he is not the worst singer that’s been on American Idol.

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