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American Idol?

american idol competition
Juan Fertin asked:

has it turned into a Popularity contest based on how good you look? And Do you think it’s ashame the best people get voted off and get there victory snatched away only because the People who vote only vote for who they think is the best looking/best personality? I mean isn’t it a SINGING competition?
i think it’s wrong to vote for someone based on there looks. How can you brake some ones dream even though you know there the best
Claudia D do you have a problem with Africa American or are you trying to Implied that African Americans are ugly?
Hello. You have a very interesting opinion there. But I’m not talking about someone in general I’m talking about people who get voted off because they pay mind to the good looking ones such as ( Melinda Doolittle, Tamyra Grey, etc) and i don’t have a problem with David he is Talented but i don’t think he’s the best. I think Syesha is personally way better then him when those hard power house songs come around.

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