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American Idol Season 10 Episode 1: Premiere Set To Display Season’


The premiere of American Idol is set to enthrall fans by showcasing the higher level of competition. Although theres no doubt that the show has always presented talented singers, it is expected that the level of competition will take a rise with the entry of many young singers. It is for the first time that the minimum age of entry is 15 years, and many young singers have taken its advantage. Other modifications have also taken place in American Idol season 10, which viewers will realize when they catch episode 1 of the show.

First of all, viewers are going to see all the changes that have been introduced this season. Most importantly, you will find only three judges on the panel when you watch American Idol season 10 premiere part 1. Two of the three judges have also changed this season, welcoming Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Randy Jackson has maintained his seat of judge in this season also, and he will be accompanying Lopez and Tyler. These three skilled judges will be evaluating all the aspiring singers on the show.

Episode 1 will clarify many things about this new season, and it will also make apparent the craze of fans for the show. The number of viewers to catch American Idol season 10 episode 1 online will determine the latest seasons popularity. However, its believed that viewers are enthusiastically waiting for the premiere of season 10. A lot of hype has been created about season 10, which has induced curiosity in fans to check out the young talent, and also the modifications that have been done this season.

Viewers have already seen Randy as a judge on the show, but many things rest upon the way of assessment of Lopez and Tyler. In American Idol season 10 episode 1, viewers will see how Lopez and Tyler are as Judges. Till now, theres a buzz that Lopez is a lenient judge and even the other judges also stress more on evaluating contestants rather than just saying pack your bags and go home. The auditions of American Idol has already taken place, which claims judges saying that season 10 has the best of talent. So, it would be worthy to get a glimpse of these talented singers in episode 1. The premiere will also become available online after its release.

One of the great changes that may become effective this season is the online voting. Viewers may get an opportunity to vote for their favorite contestant through the internet. Therefore, its essential that the viewers watch American Idol season 10 full episodes, so that they can become familiar with all the voices and be able to vote for the best. So, lets welcome the premiere of the show and board the voyage of searching for the best voice!

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