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Do you think it’s wrong to leave family to pursue singing competition like American Idol?

american idol competition
Sye S asked:

I really believe I have a chance to make it on this show. But besides it being my dream, I know that if I really do make it, I would be able to create the life I always dreamed of for my family. The only problem is I am expecting a baby next month and if I were to make it through, I’d probably have to leave her before she’s even 3 months old, and if things skyrocket, I don’t want my child wondering who her mommy is. I have a very supportive fiance who believes I have a chance as well, but I would like some advice (from moms preferably), if it would be best to try and take this sort of step.
Thanks for all the POSITIVE feedback. FYI if I don’t go on Idol, I would return to my full time job around the same time, so I was never planning on being a stay at home mom. I do feel this is a great opportunity, and you know what, I am gonna go for it!!!!
Also… Golfengineer, I feel very sorry for you if you feel giving a child life is an end to your own. Though this is my first child, I believe the better you continue to do for yourself, the better you will be able to do for your child.

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