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who thinks american idol can sometimes be a send off?

american idol competition
jdukenumber1 asked:

i love the show american idol, i mean really love it. but i feel sometimes it sends people off. how do they make it when most of them can’t hit a note?! it’s like each season the talent fades away. it seems as if it’s becoming more of a comedy than a talent show. we wanna hear people that can actually SING!! personally, i think the show fell off after the third season (when fantasia won) carrie underwood and taylor hicks are good singers but i don’t think they deserved to win. but that’s just how i feel. i auditioned for american idol last summer and unfornately i didn’t make it but i will again this year however i can sing and a lot of excellent singers don’t make it. as much as i love to laugh at those who make a fool out of themselves but after a while it gets tiring and there needs to be more competition. America, step up your game.

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