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Why is there not an acting reality competition like American Idol?

american idol competition
gossip_palms asked:

I don’t mean like Soap’s Channel Search for the “Next Soap Star.” I mean something that can be on ABC, NBC, CBS and etc and can be drama or comedy. It can be a competition and the winner gets to be on Ugly Betty as an example. I would love a show like this since I’m an actor. I use to be a huge Idol fan, but it got old. I would want to try out for Idol, but I can’t sing good at all. I can’t dance at all either, but I can act, lol. Is there a show out there I don’t know about? Why hasn’t anyone really tried to do this? This may be the only reality show I would try out for except for Survivor. I’ll be 15 in a couple months so I’m sure there will be something out when I’m 18. Does anyone think I have a good idea? It could also be a competition and more than one person gets to be on a new show or something. Do you think this may happen, and whats your thoughts on a new acting competition? Thanks!
Oh, maybe the winner gets to sign with a famous talent agent or something. It gets to a role on a tv show, and etc…
It just intrigues me since they already have ANTM, Idol, You think You Can Dance, and etc. Thanks again! 🙂

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