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Will American Idol fixed the competition so the worst singer will not win?

american idol competition
epicwolf asked:

This season American Idol have a lot of bad singers left in the competition but we all know who is the worst one of them all. Yes, Sanjaya. He is still alive in the competition and you probably thinking how when it’s obvious he is the worst singer. It doesnt matter if he’s a nice guy or he have unique hair, it’s about singing and he suck at it. The reason why he is still in the competition is thanks to Howard Stern having a phone line for “vote for your worst singer” stuff and people who hate American Idol wanted the worst singer to win the competition. Therefor, i am not suprised if Sanjaya who is the worst singer end up winning. With that being said, do you think American Idol producer will rigged the competition so Sanjaya will be illiminated as soon as possible? I know that there’s not a lot of people voting this season cus there’s no stand out performers and the only person that stood out is unfortunately Sanjaya cus he is such a horrible singer he stood out.
There is a lot of people out there who wants to get rid of American Idol so they will vote for the worst singer so the show will not have any credibility. I think American Idol will fixed the competition so the best singer will win so they can safe face. They made a lot of mistakes letting go good singers at the early stage and they know it.

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