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Would someone like Michael Jackson be successful in “American Idol”?

american idol competition
Norteamericano H asked:

Michael Jackson is one of the most prominent entertainers in the world and the greatest pop singer of the 20th century. Imagine that he, as a teenager, now had a chance to participate in a TV competition “American Idol.” What would happen to him? Undoubtedly, he would drop out during the first audition because of his high-pitched voice and feminine mannerisms. The judges of this TV program seem to exclude men with feminine mannerisms and high-pitched voices. They seem to prefer masculine men who are mediocre singers. But is that fair? Or is it counterproductive? I don’t think the judges of the “American Idol” are prejudiced. It is simply a matter of their personal choice. Nevertheless, they seem to be doing something wrong. Do you agree?

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