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American Idol survey? Favorites?

american idol favorites
jennyellaian asked:

I would love to hear everyone’s opinions on Idol. I have been a fan since day one……
Here are a few questions I would love answers to:
1. Favorite Idol winner
2. Favorite runner up
3. Favorite Season
4. Most memorable song performed
5. Favorite post-Idol album—-doesn’t have to be a winner of the show.
6. Who will win this year?

I am a grown married adult, not a teeny bopper, just love to talk Idol. Would love opinions from everyone.

10 points to best answer….
Wow…I am loving the answers….
Here are my opinions:
1.Kelly, Carrie, Taylor—love them all. Took me awhile to come around to Carrie…..
2.Bo Bice–hands down. Ticked for a LONG time when he lost.
3. Favorite season was 6 with Taylor
4.In a Dream by Bo Bice. Acapella song that he performed. GOOSEBUMPS.
5.Anything by Kelly, Carrie, Taylor and Chris. Taylor’s album is awesome. Disappointing it didn’t do well.
6.I love everyone left except for David Cook-talented but too cocky and Kristy—not that talented.
Thanks for the answers so far,hope to hear more.
oops… I meant fave season was 5 with Taylor.

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