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american idol judges
Demi asked:

I’ve come to a conclusion about the American Idol Judges, and the boys. I’ll say what I think about each thing and tell me if you agree.

All the Judges-When American Idol judges are drinking from their infamous cups, don’t be fooled. They are not actually drinking Coke, they are actaully on Crack/Coke-aine.
Randy- When is a performance NOT pitcy?!
Kara- really nice, sometimes really annoying
Ellen- gives constructive critism without being too harsh, you can tell she doesnt want to hurt peoples feelings
Simon- I agree with him 95% of the time, the other 5% no, like when he tells people in 5 years, he wont see them on the charts, like theres NO need to say that, it hurts peoples feelings, and its unnessessary. I’ve come to the conclusion he only likes people with a STORY. he doesnt like people who’ve had it all, he likes when they came from the worst and were struggling but now have the oppurtunity, ex. he obviously prefers Andrew Garcia to Toderick…..

The Boys that are Controversial to me
Alex Lambert- adorablleeee i honestly think that if he got a little more confident with stage presense, he could be IT
Tim Urban- Okay we all know that he is not the greatest singer, the only reason that he is on the show is because of his good looks I mean common you cant compare him to Alex or Lee or Casey, or Toderick etc.
Toderick- Okay I realllllllyy want him to leave the show. Not because he isnt good. I think hes amazing but personally i think hes too good for the show! I mean seriously you cannot compare him to any others. He goes allll out in his performances, and the judges critisize it. I mean its only the 2nd week live and the way he is performing is how we see AI finalees perform hense, he has it all at such an early stage and i think the judges are afraid of that. They want to be responsible for a star becoming better but how can Toderick possibly become better. I mean when he performed, Simon said he had it all wrong but then said Tim Urban did great…. like does that even make sense? Its fairly obvious that Simon doesnt like him. I really want him to leave, he doesnt deserve the negative comments his voice is so amazing, he could get a deal anyways.

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