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american idol judges?

american idol judges
Hrjyjytk J asked:

are the judges stupid or what? the whole year simon cowell was usually on cook’s side, and now because of ONE NIGHT he swiches? it is about the whole year not one night. i do like archuleta but if you think about it, i don’t remember one specific song that archie did, and i remember almost all of them for cook. that is how good cook is as a performer. simon was wrong for saying that archie knocked out the competition. it was only one night. and randy doesn’t even know what year it is! lol. after one of archie’s songs last night randy said it was a great way for the duel of 2007 to happen. 2007? i’m pretty sure were in 2008. and we all know that paula is pretty dumb and messing up with her words. and david archuleta looks pretty good but he isn’t good looking enough to druel on. he looks like one of those elfs from lord of the rings. so the judges were all lost and wrong for thinking that archuleta won. there are many peoiple on yahoo answers who voted for cook! so i am pretty confident

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