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American Idol judges are a joke?

american idol judges
Shaun asked:

Does anyone else think that all the American Idol judges are a joke?

I cant stand Randy, his feedback is always unclear. “Dawg maybe i liked it. Im not sure about the song, maybe i like it. Its strange dawg. I liked it, actually…wait im not sure. Dawg. Dawg i don’t know”

Cara totally overdoes it and gives really bad advice. “I want originality, write your own song, knit your own clothes and build your own stage. At this point in the competition we expect more from you, but nice.”

Paula has real problem with vocabulary. “Uhh…i liked it. You know, i liked it. Well its just…i liked it. Honey, i liked it. So in case you forgot what i just said, i liked it. To sum up my feedback, i liked it. I liked it”

Simon is the only one i can stand. At least he is straight forward, helpful to the contestants and honest.

The minute my friend Scott is gone. I refuse to watch the show, for now i feel like i have to watch it out of respect.
Well Scott is gone, I am going to stop watching the show for sure now. I don’t think it was fair how they rushed the decision, but they are just monkeys after all.

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