Get Socialize

Can you write a comical story about going to dinner with the AMERICAN IDOL JUDGES, juuuuust 4 the fun of it?

american idol judges

You need to include 5 of these inane lines.
Good luck and fun ,you all.

1. Are you on DRUUUUUUUGS?!
2. Kibbles and Bits Hee Haw Hee Haw. Kibbles and Bits Hee Haw.
3. You sound soooooo pitchy, my dear.
4. Our waiter is an Idol wanna-be…..GAWD!!!
5. It sounds liike karaoke night in hell!
6. Oh, yeah…..You blend.
7. I NEVER understand all of your blathering. GET TO THE POINT!!!
8. I am attracted to you in a semi-nauseating way.
9. What a refreshing opinion you possess….Were you born in a barn?
10. It is a tale told by an idiot…..full of sound and fury….signifying nothing.

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