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My ideas for American Idol guest judges 2011?

american idol judges
Mike D asked:

I still plan on watching American Idol season 10, even though it won’t be the same without Simon and Paula. But I think it would be cool if they had guest judges again like last year, so I decided just for fun to make a list of guest judges I think would be great for Season 10.
Please comment on my idea and give your opinions. I know some people won’t be on there that you would like but all the people I chose I think would be great judges as they all do have experience in the music industry, and they are all great artists in their own rights.
1. Lady GaGa
2. Shakira
3. Madonna
4. Eminem
5. Andy Slater (President and CEO of Capitol Records)
6. Elton John
7. Bob Marley
8. Miley Cyrus (I know people aren’t going to agree with this one but you have to admit she has gone far in the music industry for a 17 year old)
9. Dolly Parton
10. Beyonce
Also, yes I know Justin Bieber isn’t on there (the shock! the horror!) but thats simply because I don’t think he has had enough experience in the music industry yet. Also one teen is enough and Miley Cyrus has had more experience in recording, live performing etc than him. So I chose her.
Thanks for any answers 🙂

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