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Randy Jackson Is Determined To Get An Idol


Randy Jackson who is the only original American Idol judge still on the show is determined to find a star this season. Randy Jackson says that the age requirement has been dropped to 15 years of age and they have been finding some great talent among the pool of kids. This may be true but the truth of the matter is is that they have not replaced a Simon like judge who spits out iconic one-liners, tells the truth to some of these goof balls who believe they can sing, and who can detect talent with the best of them.

Randy Jackson is Back with a New Gang

Randy Jackson is also pleasantly surprised at how the new set of judges that includes Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler and himself got along very well. And so, he is excited about the new talent that audiences will meet through the show. Randy Jackson says that the only three things they are looking for in a contestant is being unique, being a star, and having great talent. Although, the show has been criticized for focusing away from the core theme, it has found some great talent in the likes of Justin Bieber and hence Randy Jackson says they are looking for another Bieber or Lady Gaga maybe!

A Textbook Case

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