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What do American Idol Judges judge on?

american idol judges
Olga L asked:

Well, just out of curiosity: what do AI judges judge on?
I want to try out for the next (next year) season. I’ve been told (and I know) I have vocals, so I want to give it a chance.
I heard they might be judging on your looks and personality too. I mean I don’t think that Blake Lewis or even Sanjaya had super vocals, but Blake was a cool guy and I think it made him through. Anyway…so what do they judge on? what kind of music they like you ding the most? ok, what’s popular on American Idol? Thank you!
I mean, I do like bands like THE KILLERS or The Bravery, Muse…and I sing their songs….of course I’m not Adam Lambert lol well, hopefully I can make it 🙂 thank you guys! btw, here is a video of me singing 3 years ago (it’s in russian, and it’s POP lol), but if you could give me some fair advices, that would be cool…thanks again…

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