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Why are the American Idol judges so useless this year?

american idol judges
😀 asked:

Every single episode, they give a ton of conflicting comments….

Change the song, make it your own.
You don’t have to change a perfectly good song, just sing it.

Do something more upbeat.
Tone it down. We like it better when it’s just you on stage w/ your guitar.

Do a song like the one you did last week, that’s your niche.
Too safe. You can’t keep doing the same type of song…


And then they wonder why so many of the performers “seem confused” and “don’t have a sense of themselves as an artist yet”. They don’t even know what they want, so how will the contestants?

I think this year has sucked so far, and there are only a couple of really good contestants, but I think it’s partly the judges’ faults b/c many of the singers seemed great during Hollywood week, but now they have no direction. It’s so weird, it’s like they’re just throwing out stock phrases that don’t even mean anything.

And in past years, the judges would disagree on certain performances, but this year, it’s happening a LOT, like they’re watching completely different performances, the whole judging panel is turning into a big clusteryouknowwhat. Apparently Paula was the voice of reason here, and that’s a scary thought. -_-

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