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Simon Cowell The Next Justin Bieber Canadian Kid


Former American Idol judge, and the main reason why I tuned in to the show each week Simon Cowell has just signed a 10yearold Canadian girl he saw on You Tube Heather Russell from Toronto is being called the next Justin Bieber, and if you take time out to check out her video on You Tube you might hear a striking resemblence in their voices.

She can thank her mother for her new found fame and fortune as it was her who began posting videos of her daughter performing last year. The little girl has recorded songs such as You are Beautiful by James Blunt and a song she wrote herself called Every Step of the Way. Russell says that musicians including Justin Timberlake to Queen and Prince have inspired her.
You might say that Justin Bieber is just a teenage girls daydream, but these days his star power transcends the crush of admiring adolescent fans. Bieber is very serious business Hes backed by Usher, he graced the cover Vanity Fair, and last weekend his first movie grossed almost dollar30 million at the box office.

Some say the 15yearold Canadians rise to super stardom is evidence of his preternatural talent and charisma. Not really. While this particular teenager may be gifted, which he is, and may be managed by smart people, which he also is, our economy these days is basically designed to produce Biebers, and to train ears and eyeballs on what they sing and how they comb their hair. Bieber tells us more about ourselves about the way we congregate and consume the culture in a You Tube and Face book world than about the musical gifts of one young man.
Justin Bieber delighted with his signature casual cute styling at the Paris Premiere of his 3D film Never Say Never on February 17.

The 16 yearold teen sensation wore his favorite color, purple, cardigan, a black tee, dark jeans, black sneakers and some jewelry a dog tag pendant necklace and a bead bracelet in his left arm.

Justin seemed to have lot of fun meeting his fans; he shook hands, signed autographs and took pictures.

Justin cohosted the premiere along with TV personality Nikos Aliagas
Paramount Pictures is planning on an updated version of the film which will include footage from Never Say Never premieres, new live performances, and potentially footage of the Grammy Awards last Sunday. Director Chu is still working at the new version. After delivery the studio will decide whether to release it in theater or as part of a special DVD.

There is more excitement lurking for Justin fans as he returns on CSI tonight, February 17, playing troubled teenager Jason McCannl

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