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Watch The Highest Rated Shows Of 2010 With Satellite Tv


The year 2010 is filled with great television shows from hit series to reality TV that you know you should walk away from but just cant. If you enjoy watching great television and want to be able to enjoy some of the popular shows you keep hearing about, you should consider getting satellite TV. With satellite TV, you can watch the highest-rated shows of 2010 easily in your home.

Americas Got Talent This weekly show features performers who compete each week for a $1 million cash prize. The performers include everything from singers and dancers to comedians and other, impressive novelty acts. Viewers who enjoy this show often also enjoy So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol. The show comes on each week on NBC.

The Big Bang Theory This is a television series that will make you appreciate all the so-called nerds you have known in your life. It features a woman who lives in an apartment next to two brilliant men. The guys are awkward in social situations and it is probably because of how smart they are. You start to realize during the show that these brilliant men are not as educated about society and social interactions and dont seem quiet as smart when you take them out of their element which usually involves science. The self-professed nerds certainly dont spend their time playing sports and dating women because they are generally too busy with video games and science fiction films. The show is very humorous and something not just nerds-at-heart can relate to and enjoy watching.

Two and a Half Men It is probably true that two brothers shouldnt live together once they are adults and may even have children of their own. Unless, however, those two brothers are Charlie and Alan Harper because then you have a very funny sitcom to enjoy. Charlie and Alan are very different from each other but are forced to live together when Alan and his wife get divorced and he and his son need a place to live. Charlie spends his time chasing women while Alan gives him a hard time about it and tries to get him to be a better influence on his son. This show is great to watch if you are looking for a humorous 30 minutes rather than an intense series for your high definition television.

Big Brother This show has run for many seasons and seems to attracted a loyal audience each year. Contestants on the show compete to win a $500,000 cash prize. They all live in a house with cameras filming them constantly. The people start out as strangers and you are able to watch as the dynamics between each person either becomes a problem or a bonus. If you enjoy watching reality television, then you should definitely look for Big Brother on your satellite TV channels. You can even try to find reruns of old seasons to catch up on how the show works.

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