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Why does every African American on American Idol have a sad story to tell?

American idol asked:

Not a racist stab… But. It seems like every African American that they interview on American idol has something sad to say. e.g. “it was tough growing up”. “my kids go without dinner some nights”. Is it just a media thing or are these people legitimately struggling through life?

Woahh… A few people need to chill out. How can I be racist towards African Americans. I don’t live in America for one. And second… I’ve met like 2 in my life. It’s what I’m seeing as i watch American Idol. The others don’t have sad stories. They have sob stories. The only racist people here are the one’s saying “white people do it too”. You’re classing “white” as a race. And you’re picking on them, saying its a bad thing. It’s unfortunate… not an “i’m going to look down on this person” thing…

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