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What episode on American Idol do they visit the contestants hometowns?

Rach6 asked: I want to see the episode of the 2004 American Idol when they visit the hometown of the contesants. Which episode is it? like the episode number, or if you know a link, that would be great!! Thanks!

publish January 7, 2010 90
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What is Howard Stern’s deal with American Idol, really?

Emmy F asked: I am a big American Idol fan. Melinda, Lakisha, and Jordin, I will be the first to admit, are the only real talent the top 24 had this year. Every year there as a Sanjaya. However, this year, Howard Stern has teamed up with this Vote For The Wors

publish January 6, 2010 93
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How do you find out where American Idol is?

humphrey_the_whale_14 asked: How do you find out which cities the judges are going to for auditionees for American Idol? I would like to know because I may plan on auditioning for season 9. I was going to audition for season 8 but I didn’t know how to fi

publish January 5, 2010 94
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American Idol?

Betty asked: Ok, Im 16 and I was planning to audition for american idol next monday. The rule is, that if your under 18, your parent HAS to go to the audition(which i dont understand because the auditions are during the week and thats when people have to work)

publish January 5, 2010 87
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Will Boston have great talent in AMERICAN IDOL (Season 9 premiere) on Fox TV Tuesday Jan. 12, 2010 show?

Rebecca of Faraway Farm asked: TO: Boston residents – fans of American IDOL (Fox competition – variety show) Will your town have superior talent during the edited highlights of the judges’ visit there last year? Did Boston go first and have m

publish January 4, 2010 80
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How long will american idol go on?

Ri(: asked: I am very interested in trying out for american idol, but you have to be sixteen so i have to wait about two years, do you think it will still be going on? I just hope it doesn’t stop, what do you think?

publish January 4, 2010 68
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where can i watch full episodes of american idol?

OkiCody asked: i dont have cable at home, and unlike other shows i can’t find american idol season 8 online anywhere, does anyone know where to watch full episodes. and yes i know the premier was just last week.

publish January 4, 2010 91
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Why doesn’t Kris Allen from AMERICAN IDOL get the credit that he deserves in this competition?

Legal asked: I cannot BELIEVE Randy didn’t like his performance this week – I was blown away! I thought it sounded far better than the original .. Also, in my honest opinion, I think Kris’s performance to “AIN’T NO SUNSHINE”

publish January 4, 2010 76
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american idol?

jonasmaniacxo asked: I am thinking about trying out for american idol. I am 17. I am not sure what song to choose i’ve asked friends and family but what do you guys think? What song would be good? I have a few in mind I would just like to hear some other

publish January 3, 2010 89
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Who is your favorite from American Idol?

Peace Love Jonas P.O.N.E.D. asked: Who are your favorite people from American Idol this year? My favorites are Michael Lynche, Andrew Garcia, Casey James, and Crystal.

publish January 3, 2010 75
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What is the point of having American Idol if all of the runner ups get recording contracts too?

CrazyCal asked: The winner of American Idol every season gets a recording contract, but most of the runner ups get recording contracts too. It doesn’t make sense. What is the point of it?

publish January 2, 2010 89
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How to contact American Idol video game producers?

asked: I don’t know if this is a stupid question or not. But I would like to contact the people who make the American Idol video game because I have a suggestion for them. Does anyone know where I could find their email address or something?

publish January 1, 2010 84

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